Cell editing shortcuts

Cancel entryEscEsc
Delete character to the left of the cursorBackspaceDelete
Delete character to the right of the cursorDeleteFn Delete
Delete to end of lineCtrl DeleteFn Control Delete
Edit the active cellF2Control U
Move one word to the leftCtrl ←Control ←
Move one word to the rightCtrl →Control →
Select one character to the leftShift ←⇧ ←
Select one character to the rightShift →⇧ →
Select one word to the leftCtrl Shift ←Control ⇧ ←
Select one word to the rightCtrl Shift →Control ⇧ →
Select to beginning of the cellShift HomeFn ⇧ ←
Select to the end of cellShift EndFn ⇧ →
Start new line in cellAlt EnterControl ⌥ Return

Cell formatting shortcuts

Align to the centerAlt HAC⌘ E
Align to the leftAlt HAL⌘ L
Align to the rightAlt HAR⌘ R
Bold formattingCtrl B⌘ B
Decrease font sizeAlt HFK⌘ ⇧ <
Display format cells with font the tab selectedCtrl Shift FControl ⇧ F
Format optionsCtrl 1⌘ 1
Increase font sizeAlt HFG⌘ ⇧ >
IndentAlt H6Control ⌥ Tab
Italic formattingCtrl I⌘ I
Remove indentAlt H5Control ⌥ ⇧ Tab
Strikethrough formattingCtrl 5⌘ ⇧ X
Underline formattingCtrl U⌘ U

Data entry shortcuts

Add a hyperlinkCtrl K⌘ K
Complete entry and stay in the same cellCtrl EnterControl Return
Copy formula from the cell aboveCtrl ‘⌘ ‘
Copy value from the cell aboveCtrl Shift “Control ⇧ “
Display AutoComplete listAlt ↓⌥ ↓
Enter and move downEnterReturn
Enter and move to the leftShift Tab⇧ Tab
Enter and move to the rightTabTab
Enter and move upShift Enter⇧ Return
Enter same data in multiple cellsCtrl EnterControl Return
Fill down from the cell aboveCtrl D⌘ D
Fill right from the cell leftCtrl R⌘ R
Flash FillCtrl EControl E
Insert current dateCtrl ;Control ;
Insert current timeCtrl Shift :⌘ ;

Dragging shortcuts

Drag and copyCtrl drag⌥ drag
Drag and cutDragDrag
Drag and insertShift drag⇧ drag
Drag and insert copyCtrl Shift drag⌥ ⇧ drag
Drag to duplicate the worksheetCtrl drag⌥ drag
Drag to the worksheetAlt drag⌘ drag

Extend selected cells

Extend selection down one screenShift PgDnFn ⇧ ↓
Extend selection left one screenAlt Shift PgUpFn ⇧ ⌥ ↑
Extend selection modeF8Fn F8
Extend selection one cell downShift ↓⇧ ↓
Extend selection one cell leftShift ←⇧ ←
Extend selection one cell rightShift →⇧ →
Extend selection one cell upShift ↑⇧ ↑
Extend selection right by one screenAlt Shift PgDnFn ⇧ ⌥ ↓
Extend selection to first cell in the worksheetCtrl Shift HomeFn Control ⇧ ←
Extend selection to last cell in the worksheetCtrl Shift EndFn Control ⇧ →
Extend selection to start of rowShift HomeFn ⇧ ←
Extend selection to the last cell downCtrl Shift ↓⌘ ⇧ ↓
Extend selection to the last cell leftCtrl Shift ←⌘ ⇧ ←
Extend selection to the last cell rightCtrl Shift →⌘ ⇧ →
Extend selection to the last cell upCtrl Shift ↑⌘ ⇧ ↑
Extend selection up one screenShift PgUpFn ⇧ ↑

Formula shortcuts

Absolute and relative referencesF4⌘ T
Accept function with autocompleteTabTab
AutoSum the selected cellsAlt =⌘ ⇧ T
Calculate active the worksheetShift F9Fn ⇧ F9
Calculate the worksheetsF9Fn F9
Define name using row and column labelsCtrl Shift F3Fn Control ⇧ F3
Display function arguments options boxCtrl AControl A
Enter array formulaCtrl Shift EnterControl ⇧ Return
Evaluate part of a formulaF9Fn F9
Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl Shift UControl ⇧ U
Force calculate all the worksheetsCtrl Alt F9NONE
Formulas on and offCtrl `Control `
Insert function argumentsCtrl Shift AControl ⇧ A
Open the Insert Function options BoxShift F3Fn ⇧ F3
Open the Name ManagerCtrl F3Fn Control F3
Paste name into formulaF3F3
Select name boxAlt F3NONE

General shortcuts

Check spellingF7Fn F7
Copy the selected cellsCtrl C⌘ C
Create chart in new the worksheetF11Fn F11
Cut the selected cellsCtrl X⌘ X
Delete commentShift F10 DFn ⇧ F10
Display control menuAlt SpaceNONE
Display find and replaceCtrl F⌘ F
Display find and replace, replace selectedCtrl HControl H
Display Modify Cell Style dialog boxAlt ‘⌘ ⇧ L
Display the Paste Special optionsCtrl Alt V⌘ Control V
Duplicate objectCtrl D⌘ D
Expand or collapse the ribbonCtrl F1⌘ ⌥ R
Find next matchShift F4⌘ G
Find previous matchCtrl Shift F4⌘ ⇧ G
Hide or show objectsCtrl 6Control 6
Insert embedded chartAlt F1Fn ⌥ F1
Insert or edit noteShift F2Fn ⇧ F2
Insert threaded commentCtrl Shift F2Fn ⌘ ⇧ F2
Move active cell clockwise in selectionCtrl .Control .
Move active cell down in the selectionEnterReturn
Move active cell to the right in a selectionTabTab
Move the active cell left in a selectionShift Tab⇧ Tab
Move the active cell up in selectionShift Enter⇧ Return
Open helpF1⌘ /
Open Macro dialog boxAlt F8Fn ⌥ F8
Open optionsAlt FT⌘ ,
Open Thesaurus dialog boxShift F7Fn ⇧ F7
Open VBA EditorAlt F11Fn ⌥ F11
Paste content from the clipboardCtrl V⌘ V
Redo last actionCtrl Y⌘ Y
Repeat last actionF4⌘ Y
Select the active cell onlyShift Backspace⇧ Delete
Show the active cell on the worksheetCtrl BackspaceControl Delete
Show the right-click menuShift F10Fn ⇧ F10
Snap to gridAlt
Undo last actionCtrl Z⌘ Z

Gridline shortcuts

Delete cellsCtrl –⌘ –
Delete columnsCtrl –⌘ –
Delete contents of the selected cellsDeleteFn Delete
Delete rowsCtrl –⌘ –
Display delete options boxCtrl –⌘ –
Display Insert options boxCtrl Shift +⌘ ⇧ +
Group rows or columnsAlt Shift →⌘ ⇧ K
Hide columnsCtrl 0Control 0
Hide or show outline symbolsCtrl 8Control 8
Hide rowsCtrl 9Control 9
Insert columnsCtrl Shift +⌘ ⇧ +
Insert rowsCtrl Shift +⌘ ⇧ +
Open group options BoxAlt Shift →⌘ ⇧ K
Open Ungroup options BoxAlt Shift ←⌘ ⇧ J
Ungroup rows or columnsAlt Shift ←⌘ ⇧ J
Unhide columnsCtrl Shift 0Control ⇧ 0
Unhide rowsCtrl Shift 9Control ⇧ 9
Zoom inCtrl Alt +⌥ ⌘ +
Zoom outCtrl Alt –⌥ ⌘ –
Zoom scrollCtrl scrollControl Scroll

Navigation and selection shortcuts

Add adjacent cells to selectionShift Click⇧ Click
Add non-adjacent cells to selectionCtrl Click⌘ Click
Add to selection modeShift F8Fn ⇧ F8
Cancel selectionEscEsc
Go back to hyperlinkCtrl G EnterControl G Return
Move left between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl Alt ←Control ⌥ ←
Move one cell down
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one screen downPgDnFn ↓
Move one screen to the leftAlt PgUpFn ⌥ ↑
Move one screen to the rightAlt PgDnFn ⌥ ↓
Move one screen upPgUpFn ↑
Move right between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl Alt →Control ⌥ →
Move to beginning of rowHomeFn ←
Move to bottom edge of data regionCtrl ↓⌘ ↓
Move to first cell in the worksheetCtrl HomeFn Control ←
Move to last cell in the worksheetCtrl EndFn Control →
Move to left edge of dataCtrl ←⌘ ←
Move to top edge of data regionCtrl ↑⌘ ↑
Navigate one cell to the right
Navigate to right edge of the dataCtrl →⌘ →
Select entire columnCtrl SpaceControl Space
Select entire rowShift Space⇧ Space
Select entire the worksheetCtrl A⌘ A
Turn End mode onEndFn →

Number shortcuts

Apply the currency formatCtrl Shift $Control ⇧ $
Apply the date formatCtrl Shift #Control ⇧ #
Apply the general formatCtrl Shift ~Control ⇧ ~
Apply the number formatCtrl Shift !Control ⇧ !
Apply the percentage formatCtrl Shift %Control ⇧ %
Apply the scientific formatCtrl Shift ^Control ⇧ ^
Apply the time formatCtrl Shift @Control ⇧ @

PivotTable shortcuts

Create PivotChart on new the worksheetF11Fn F11
Group the PivotTable itemsAlt Shift →⌘ ⇧ K
Hide the PivotTable itemCtrl –Control –
Insert PivotChart on same worksheetAlt F1NONE
Open the PivotTable wizardAlt DP⌘ ⌥ P
PivotTable field checkboxSpaceSpace
Select entire the PivotTableCtrl A⌘ A
Ungroup the PivotTable itemsAlt Shift ←⌘ ⇧ J

Select special shortcuts

Display the ‘Go To’ boxCtrl GControl G
Select current arrayCtrl /Control /
Select current regionCtrl A⌘ A
Select current region around active cellCtrl Shift *Control ⇧ Space
Select direct dependentsCtrl ]Control ]
Select direct precedentsCtrl [Control [
Select row differencesCtrl \Control \
Select the visible cells onlyAlt ;⌘ ⇧ Z

Tables and filter shortcuts

Activate filterAlt ↓⌥ ↓
FilterCtrl Shift L⌘ ⇧ F
Insert a tableCtrl T⌘ T
Table total rowCtrl Shift TControl ⇧ T

Workbook shortcuts

Close ExcelAlt F4⌘ Q
Close the workbookCtrl W⌘ W
Create a new workbookCtrl N⌘ N
Full screenCtrl Shift F1Control ⌘ F
Go to a previous workbookCtrl Shift Tab⌘ ⇧ `
Go to next a workbookCtrl Tab⌘ `
Go to the next worksheetCtrl PgDnFn Control ↓
Go to the previous worksheetCtrl PgUpFn Control ↑
Insert a new worksheetShift F11Fn ⇧ F11
Maximize a current workbook windowCtrl F10Fn Control F10
Minimize a current workbook windowCtrl F9⌘ M
Move to previous paneShift F6Fn ⇧ F6
Move to the next paneF6Fn F6
Open a workbookCtrl O⌘ O
PrintCtrl P⌘ P
Print previewCtrl F2NONE
Save a workbookCtrl S⌘ S
Save asF12⌘ ⇧ S
Scroll lockScrLkFn ⇧ F14
Select non-adjacent the worksheetsCtrl Click⌘ Click
Select the adjacent worksheetsShift Click⇧ Click